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Contoh Soal UN SD Bahasa Inggris Semester 1 dan Semester 2 Kurikulum 2013 Lengkap – Untuk kisi kisi latihan soal uas mid semester berupa soal pilihan ganda dan essay semua bab 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 dst beserta kunci jawabannya dan pembahasannya lengkap.

Contoh Soal UN SD/MI Bahasa Inggris dan Kunci Jawabannya 2019/2020

Read the following passage carefully and answer the following questions by ticking the letters A, B, C or D before the correct answer.

  1. The football match between PSS and Persebaya ended in victory by Persebaya. The atmosphere of the game is very lively. Fans had flooded the Maguwoharjo Stadium before the match began. They looked after each other, so there wasn’t much commotion until the match was over.
    The meaning of the supporting word in the paragraph is …
    A. audience
    B. Supporters
    C. Interested
    D. Audience
  2. Corn planting begins with sowing seeds. After three to four days the plants appear on the ground. Farmers can harvest corn after the plants are three and a half months old. This is the phase where farmers grow corn.
    The main idea of ​​the paragraph is …
    A. Grain cultivation techniques
    B. the beginning of a long day economy
    C. Stages of corn cultivation
    D. Age of harvested corn
  3. Wastewater from the textile industry is very dangerous. The water contains poison. This poison can affect human health.
    The meaning of the word waste in this paragraph is …
    A. something that is not used
    B. the rest of the production process
    C. other industrial materials
    D. Material sorting plant
    The tree looks short.
  4. The short word antonym in the sentence is ….
    A. Good
    B. Height
    C. Length
    D. leafy
  5. The Dutch want to defeat Diponegoro, but they are unsuccessful. The Netherlands lied to defeat him. The Dutch leadership claimed to have invited Diponegoro to the negotiations in Magelang. However, Diponegoro was arrested. He was exiled to Batavia, then to Manado. Finally, Diponegoro was moved to Makassar until his death on June 8, 1855.
    How the Dutch defeated Diponegoro …
    A. Arrest
    B. Deception
    C. Alienation
    D. abduction
  6. Each school promotes the literacy movement with various activities. One of them read a book ten minutes before class began. The aim is to promote reading habits. Reading increases students’ knowledge and insight.
    Why does literacy need to be promoted?
    Literacy needs to be promoted …
    A. To read a book before class begins
    B. to promote reading habits
    C. so that our reading skills improve
    D. so that insights into the books we read become wider
  7. We can easily make a compass. How to do this by hoarding garbage in the hole. Preferably, the hole is made in the shade. This is done to speed up the decay process.
    If the leaf pile is not in the shade, the following happens:
    A. Shady places speed up decay
    B. moisture accelerates the leaves
    C. Laub does not rot quickly
    D. The leaf will not rot
  8. Read the following conversation text carefully!
    Harun: “Lia, is your father at home?”
    Lia: No. Will you learn how to plant trees? “
    Aaron: Yes. Where is she? Lia: My father is still working Harun: When will he come home? “Lia:” Usually late in the afternoon. “
    Aaron: Alright, I’ll be back this afternoon.
    The topic of conversation text is …
    A. Learn to plant trees
    B. Joint tree graft
    C. Transplanting a study plan
    D. How to plant trees
  9. Read the following report section carefully!
    Sixth grade elementary school students visit Yogyakarta Palace Museum. The visit takes place on Tuesday, January 9, 2018. The Yogyakarta Palace Museum is located in the Yogyakarta Palace area. At the museum, students are very neat and polite. Students do not hold any objects that should not be touched. They quietly watched the museum collection objects.
    The contents of the report are …
    A. Get Class VI at Mulia Elementary School at the Yogyakarta Palace Museum
    B. Students of Mulia Elementary School are watching the building in Yogyakarta Palace
    C. On Tuesday, January 9, 2018, sixth grade students of Mulia Elementary School visited the palace
    D. Yogyakarta Palace Museum implements various rules for visitors.
    Consider the following language quote!
  10. Friends, the school exam time is getting closer. Don’t be complacent and lazy if you don’t want to be disappointed. Satisfactory grades for school exams must be obtained. So we can go to the desired secondary school. Let’s study harder to get satisfying test results!
    The contents of the speech are …
    A. Study diligently to get satisfactory grades for school exams
    B. Students must not be satisfied with satisfactory grades for school exams
    C. Primary students must attend secondary school after completing their studies
    D. Lazy students certainly cannot go to high school
  11. How to make a traditional game with large wooden shoes is very easy. We have to provide two wooden slats, which are about 1.5 meters long. Each wood is made like a giant slipper. The foot clip is made of rubber at a distance of half a meter between clips.
    The main clause of the paragraph is ….
    A. How to make a traditional game with large wooden shoes is very easy
    B. For example, we need to provide two wooden slats that are about 1.5 meters long
    C. Every wood is made of very large shoes
    D. Foot clips are made of rubber at a distance of half a meter between clips
  12. We must do homework (homework) given by the teacher. Do homework immediately and avoid delaying work. Do not be lazy to do homework. Don’t avoid difficult homework. We must be optimistic that we can do any difficult homework.
    The statement in accordance with the contents of the paragraph is ….
    A. We cannot handle the teacher’s homework
    B. Homework is a task that the teacher has at home
    C. optimistic that we will be able to do difficult homework
    D. Moving homework means complicating the work to be done
  13. Text 1
    For almost four years, Ami emigrated to Tangerang. Ami became a factory worker for electronics. During this time Ami had not even returned to her hometown due to her busy schedule. The family really missed Ami. They hope Ami will return next year.
    Text 2
    Harun is the director of the company. Harun recently opened a subsidiary in Tangerang. He was assigned to a new branch. His company grew fast, so he was busy. He never returned home.
    The difference in content from the two texts is …
    A. You work in economics
    B. his professional career in the company
    C. the busyness they experienced
    D. They are not originally from Tangerang
  14. When planting several phases must be considered. We must prepare a good planting media. Seed selection affects plant growth. Fertilizing must be done so that plants thrive. Watering enough for plants to meet their water needs. Pests must be eradicated so as not to disturb plants.
    The statement in accordance with the contents of the text is ….
    A. Excessive fertilization accelerates plant growth
    B. pests do not occur after eradication
    C. Water is one of the elements needed by plants
    D. Selection of superior seeds is done so that plants avoid pests
  15. Adisucipto studied in various cities. He completed basic education at HIS Muntilan. Adisucipto then continued his junior high school education at MULO St. Louis Ambarawa. After graduating, Adisucipto entered AMS, a secondary school in Semarang. After completing AMS, Adisucipto continued his education at the Medical College in Jakarta. Adisucipto has not completed his education at this school. He moved to a Dutch flight school in Kalijati, West Java.
    The type of paragraph is ….
    A. narrative
    B. Description
    C. Arguments
    D. persuasion
  16. “Look, Intan, now it’s the rainy season, so the water supply in this village is very abundant, rice fields are also rainy fields, so rain water is the main source of irrigation, and the water is abundant. Rice is a plant that requires a lot of water, so the rainy season is the time best to grow rice, but this does not mean that farmers do not want to grow vegetables or fruit here Vegetables such as chillies, mustard greens, eggplants, tomatoes and cabbage, and there are farmers who grow fruit like watermelons and melons, “said Uncle Danu.
    “Besides, what is planted during the dry season, uncle?” Intan asked again. “What is planted is palawija, for example beans, corn, or soybeans.”
    “Why do farmers grow vegetables and seeds in the dry season, uncle?” Asked Intan.
    Uncle Danu also said, “This is because vegetables and Palawija plants are not suitable for growing in a lot of water, but that does not mean that plants do not need water.” “All plants need water, and plants like vegetables and vegetables need land. wet or constantly flooding, and if the water stagnates continuously, the roots or stems can rot, “added Uncle Danu.
    How do farmers use lots of rainwater? How farmers use abundant rainwater …
    A. Preparation of rain-fed rice fields for planting vegetables
    B. planting palawija in rain fields
    C. Planting rice in the rain paddy fields
    D. Drain the water into the fields and soil
  17. Why doesn’t secondary culture need sustainable irrigation? Palawija plants do not need sustainable irrigation because …
    A. Rotting fruits in secondary plants if there is too much water
    B. The leaves of the Palawija plant rot when the soil is flooded
    C. palawija needs a lot of water to grow at a certain time
    D. Palawija roots or stems rot if there is too much water
  18. Mother Rabbit lives in the forest with her child. They live near the chicken family. One day, Mother Rabbit wants to go to the valley. He advised his son not to open the front door. So that children do not recognize mistakes, Mrs. Hase teaches songs. When the song was sung at the door, Mother Rabbit came. Unknowingly, it turns out that Weasel came to listen to the song.
    Mrs. Rabbit is finally gone. Wiesel immediately came to the front door. He sang a song he had heard before. Listening to the song, the bunny hesitated. Didn’t her mother just leave? How could the mother return? The voice he heard was not like his mother’s. Should he open the door?
    But the bunny boy didn’t open the door immediately. He peered through the gap under the door. He saw a pair of weasel legs. The bunny boy screamed, so the Chicken and his family gathered. Wiesel was afraid and went straight into the cave.
    The main character of this story is …
    A. Mother Rabbit
    B. rabbit boy
    C. Weasel
    D. Mr. Chicken
  19. The setting where the story is …
    A. in the forest
    In the cave
    In front of the house
    D. a valley
  20. The rabbit character in the story is …
    A. Be careful
    B. astute
    C. Doubt
    D. Worried

Kunci Jawabannya :

1. B 11.A
2. C 12.A
3. B 13.B
4.B 14.C
5.B 15.B
6.B 16.B
7.C 17.C
8.C 18.D
9.A 19.A.
10.A 20.A

Demikian Pembahasan Materi Kita Kali ini Mengenai Soal UN SD Bahasa Inggris. Jangan Lupa Tetap Bersama Kami Di Semoga Bermanfaat dan dapat menambah wawasan kita. Terimakasih.

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